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Vårt koncept

När vi ger kroppen vad den prioriterar blir det direkt förändring. Kroppen vill alltid återgå till sin optimala balans. För att läka behöver vi komma i ett tillstånd av lugn och ro. Om vi har många försvar behöver vi få kroppen och knoppen att känna sig trygga. Då kan vi få bestående resultat.

Our concept

When we have good posture, soft connective tissue and a well-functioning lymphatic flow, we often feel happy, alert and are usually not in pain


When we have been on the defensive for a long time, we usually have stagnation in the body. The fascia/connective tissue and muscles have created this in their goal to protect us and our internal organs from danger. We may then have to look at what triggered that the body ended up on the defensive. We may also need to get the lymphatic flow going, release the connective tissue, program the nervous system, release compensations and strengthen the muscles that are weak. As well as that we can need to help our stomach and intestines which do not like prolonged stress.


No matter where we start our health journey, we will develop and influence other things we might not have expected. That iss because no matter what system we work with, it affects everyone else. We are a whole. Changing one thing sets the dominoes falling, for better or for worse. The more we understand why we need to do something, how and when, we can regain our own confidence in influencing our own health.


Today we get a lot of people telling us what to do. What is right and wrong. We want each person to be able to use the tools they were born with, to develop the individual talent we were born with. We can do more than we think. We are stronger than we think and we can definitely learn more about ourselves and how we work than we think. 

We work with different systems in a treatment flow. We vary between the systems. We prioritize. It all depends on where we are. If we are burnt out, traumatized, if we want to prevent injuries. Each person has a priority system, which changes during the journey. Want to find yours?

The systems in brief

  • The energy system. How we think and feel affects our energies more than anything else. How we use it is essential to our inner well-being.

  • The lung system. Our breathing is central to a functioning lung system, it oxygenates the body and is the lymph's pump. Our health is strongly linked to how we breathe.

  • The lymphatic system. The lymph cleanses the body of toxins and is important for our immune system and digestion. Movement and breathing are its pump

  • The fascia and our connective tissue. Fascia acts as a body sock and airbag that protects us when we are exposed to trauma. Did you know that fascia was classified as an organ in 2017? 

  • The nervous system. Our nervous system is important for our communication in the body. If neither knows how to work together, there will be confusion mentally and physically. We may have difficulty concentrating and impaired balance.

  • The muscular system. Our strength, posture and movement.

  • Blood system. The blood carries oxygen from the lungs to the body's cells, and carbon dioxide from the cells to the lungs. The blood also transports hormones, nutrients, waste products and salt. It help to regulate the bodies tempeture.

  • The gut. 2/3 rd of our immune system and also cold our second brain. Problems with the gut can effect our mental state. Vagusnerve is greatly involved like a link between the gut and the brain.

Other systems that are indirectly affected. The immune system and the hormonal system, our endocrine glands, are vital to our health. It is indirectly affected when we work with the other systems.

Blå himmel

Var ska du börja?

Har du ont eller har du andra problem med hälsan? Beroende på problematik så har kroppen en prioritet vad den behöver hjälp med först för att få snabbast resultat. Ont i en rygg kan vara en strukturell problematik men kan även vara ett problem med magen, lymfan, fascian, emotionellt eller energimässigt.

Hur vet du var du ska börja? 
Vi har delat upp det i 4 kategorier för att underlätta vad just du behöver hjälp med först. Vilken
kategori stämmer mest in på dig? Ibland kan man passa in på fler kategorier. Oavsett vad du bokar så kommer vi titta på alla delarna och rekommendera vad vi tror är bäst just för dig.


Mental, emotional & energy

If we are stuck in patterns where we always see danger, we live in constant stress which overloads our systems. The priority is survival. In order to heal, the body needs to feel safe. Body and mind need to connect again and restore a good communication.

  • Stressed out?

  • Do the emotions and thoughts take over?

  • Do you get low on energy from social contexts?

  • Do you take in other people's feelings easily?

  • Have you been through something traumatic?

  • How is your self-esteem?

  • Do you often say yes when you want to say no?

  • Do you find it easy to get in touch with yourself?

  • Are you happy with yourself?

  • Do you know how to get started?


The lymph cleans the body, helps transporting our nutrition and strengthens our immune system. Fascia is our protection and are like a bodystocking around every cell and organ. Fascia reacts 6 times faster than our nervsystem. The blood transports most of our nutrition and oxygen.

Lymph, fascia and blood

  • Tired

  • Swollen

  • Poor immune response

  • Do you feel like you have a suit you cant take off

  • Do you feel heavy

  • Difficult to lose weight though
    you eat and exercise right

  • Recurrent colds

  • Call hands and feet

  • Stiff and body aches

  • Tender and easy bruising

  • Cellulite

  • Pain that moves around 

  • Bloat and fluid-filled body

  • Recurrent sinus infections

  • and urinary tract infections

  • Chronic fatigue

  • Cramp


Our food and gastricsystem

Food is energy. We need nutritious food, good digestion and good nutrient absorption for a long and healthy life,

  • Stomach ache

  • Hard or loose in the stomach?

  • IBS

  • Inflammatory problems?

  • Allergies

  • Acid reflux?

  • Cramps

  • Brittle nails

  • Losing hair


Posture, movement & our nervousystem

When we have good posture, we are often not in pain. Moving is important for good functioning of the body and for long-term health. The nervousystem is important for the body so it know how to move.

  • Headache

  • Jaw and neck problems

  • Impingement

  • Golf and tennis elbow

  • Fatigue

  • Stiffness

  • Poor balance

  • Poor coordination

  • Respiratory problems

  • Scoliosis

  • Back pain

  • Hip pain

  • Joint problems

  • Knee pain

  • Plantar fasciit

  • Halgus valgus

  • Stiff and sore feet

  • Recurrent injuries

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