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Thoughts, Feelings and Energy

Many today live a stressful life. We are bombarded by musts and there is not enough time. We are stimulated by an abundance of information that is more than most people can handle for an extended period of time. Modern society means that today we do not live optimally for what we need in terms of health. However, the great thing about us humans is that we are very good at adapting.

There are many smart methods for working with self-development today. Understanding ourselves better makes us more grounded and happier.  

During the course of life we are exposed to various trials. Everything we go through in life affects us and be choices here and now. We program ourselves how to react. Sometimes this programming is not optimal as the body always prioritizes survival above everything else. And if it reads threats into the everyday of everyday affairs, it means a constant activation of the sympathetic system. The sympathetic system is great and increases the energy in the body so we can run from danger. However, we need a balance between the sympathetic system and the presympathetic, our calm and peaceful system. It is in the parasympathetic system that we can recover and also make changes.

Traumatic situations can therefore hinder us in life, but they are also our best life coaches. We usually develop the most when life is at its toughest, for better or for worse.

In the way we work, we help our customers find insights to make changes. We help to find a way to get back into the body and ground ourselves so that we can stand firmly on the earth and not be affected as much by all the noise around. Understanding and managing our emotions and learning the meaning of our thoughts can make a big difference to our energy.

Our energy system exists at all levels as everything is energy. If we are highly sensitive or energetically sensitive to other people's emotions and thoughts, it is important to get tools to deal with this. We are in a constant exchange of communication with the people we have around us. Depending on how that communication looks like, it automatically affects how we feel. 

If we feel bad about something, we have a tendency to get defensive. Our connective tissue/fascia becomes harder to protect us from danger, the lymphatic system becomes more sluggish. We also often contract and protect our delicate organs on the front of the body. After all, we are the only "animal" that walks and displays our most vital points to the public. When we go into shelter, our posture and movement deteriorate. This means that eventually we can also have physical problems. 

Prolonged stress uses up our physical resources. We use more than we would at rest. The body does not have time to recover. We can get stuck in the sympathetic system, which is a form of stagnation. In any form of stagnation, regardless of whether it is physical or repetitive thoughts that cannot be let go, we need to look at it and balance it in order to regain a balanced flow both physically and mentally and energetically.

Stagnation is often what leads to ill health, therefore finding a good flow in all our systems is important to our health.

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