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Do you want to become a Health Flow therapist?

It is fine to only take a single course in what interests you or to take all of them to become a Hälsoflös therapist.


What will you learn?

We integrate 8 different systems in 1 treatment.

  • The energy system

  • The pulmonary system

  • The lymphatic system

  • Fascia/Connective Tissue

  • Stomach and intestines

  • The nervous system

  • The muscles

  • The blood


What does the treatment do?

Learn to prioritize when and why each system should be used in a simple way.

  • The lymph helps our immune system, detoxification and digestion.

  • The connective tissue is our airbag and protects us, it can also imprison us. A soft connective tissue restores function and mobility. 

  • The nervous system helps with communication in the body. We get better balance and coordination.

  • When the muscles know how to work together, they no longer need to compensate, then we usually don't have pain. We get a better posture, feel stronger and lighter.

  • The energy system is affected and affects everything. Especially our feelings, how we think and communicate with ourselves and others. It can help or hinder the functioning of the other systems. When we work through the body, we access old feelings that release in the treatment and release energy. We become fitter and happier.


How we work

Find your treatment flow

You get help to find your unique way of working. You use your current toolbox and gain access to a different way of thinking and integrating what you already have. We are all unique and have different gifts to give, these do not fit into a single template but must get developed and lifted up to become their own unique way of working.

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